It’s the bitterly cold Winter of 1979, Rusty’s fiancé has just left him at the alter and he’s taken his typewriter and relocated to the middle of nowhere…

2 Below 0 (the film)

Frostbitten & love smitten! It’s the bitterly cold Winter of 1979 as Rusty types away in his trailer. His fiancé has just left him at the alter and in response, Rusty uproots himself from Minnesota and relocates to the middle of nowhere. He’s not completely alone – Alice, whom he refuses to accept has left his side, stands nearby in the form of a mannequin. But Rusty’s new utopia is disturbed by Babs, Ruth-Ann & Fran; three local bullies who have developed a jealous streak towards Alice. Their reconnaissance mission begins and the snowballs fly as the temperature plummets to 2 Below 0!

2 Below 0 is directed by Tim Cash of Far From Earth Films, and written by screenwriter Pennan Brae. It is their second collaboration, following up on The Astronot, which received accolades in cinematography, screenwriting & musical score at 150 film festivals on the 2018-2019 circuit.

Tim Cash, Director

Pennan Brae, Screenwriter


The Cast

Vanessa Farnsworth

Vanessa Farnsworth

as "Babs"

Yuvia Storm

Yuvia Storm

as "Ruth-Ann Muskrat"

Carmen Birkedal

Carmen Birkedal

as "Fran"

Amber Hanson

Amber Hanson

as "Alice"

Pennan Brae

Pennan Brae

as "Rusty Whitaker"

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Still practisin’. Running thru the @2below0film🌡 #soundtrack 💿. The album by musician @Pennan_Brae shall have 12 rock & roll 🎸 tracks. Pennan’s #discography is below; feel free to tune in! 🎧

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2 Below 0

She shoots, she scores! 2 Below 0 ( by director Tim Cash of FAR from EARTH Films & screenwriter Pennan Brae is pumped to be headed to the hometown of Alice ( at the Canadian International Comedy Film Festival in Winnipeg. The festival takes place Feb 26-29 at the The Park Theatre. #independentfilm #filmmaking #filmmaker ... See MoreSee Less

February 17, 2020  ·  

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